Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Many many many apoligies!!

argh! Sorry I havn't written for so long! This blog is going to be very long while I try and update you on everything. So I'm going to make a list.
1)New bars and clubs found
4)Schoooool stuff

Sooo we've been to a few new places on some nights out. Barbarra which is next to Datcha which is cool cos it's not as stuffy as Datcha and Fidel can get. And you can get these cool alcoholic fruit icy slushy things called barbaritas. We went to this place after we went to Fidel and some pissed girl came in and threw up next to out table. And obviously in Russia, bar staff don't care to much for cleanliness. Errm i also went with my class to  a bar called NeBar where we can nice buy one get one free cocktails. Yum yum yum! And then we went to the Cayote Ugly themes bar next store which was soooooo cool and pretty much just what is like in the movie. it was loads of fun. We also went clubbing at a club called Metro which is near where I live after our friends threw a surprise party for Kiia, who is in my class. That was fun though obv drank far to much and also indulged in the alcoholic energy drink to keep myself going. NEVER A GOOD IDEA! Though it was a good night, apart from the music which was mostly bad european house and techno. Oooh yes also saw a major fight outside of Datcha the other week which was a bit scary as bouncers don't really care about stopping them. So we went to a sports bar round the corner to play pool and I stayed at Martha's appartment which is in a really good location on Sennaya Ploshad. Also on Mike's birthday we had a bit of a bender and ended up going to several bars. SPB which is near school is really good and cheap and does student discount on a Tuesday which I found out yesterday. It is a bar but they serve you at your table and then give you the bill at the end. We went there on friday aswell after school and after we went to Carls Jr which is a burger place on Sennaya. Me and Chloe also went there yesterday and got a bit squiffy. We got a big 3l beer thing which has a tap on it so you can pour your own beer and it was only 300 roubles. NICE!
Some Benedict school people have had parties. Katie and Luka live just off the Fontanka. Their flat is well nice and the neighbours didn't complain. George also had a party which was ok, but yet again drank too many cocktails in a can!
Me and Mike went  to see Placebo at an arena near Park Pobedy which was AWESOME!!! Soooo good! also very funny to hear the russians trying to sing english. They also went crazy anytime Brian Molko said спасибо! It was a great night apart from the arena not having a bar. Grrr!!!
School is fine. No complaints there. Work isn't too hard and my class is really cool. Having such a small group of people in one place, there is always loads of gossip going round.. It's kinda a bit like being in 6th form. but i'm loving it, it's a nice break from Uni but I am missing Manchester a lot at the moment. i really wish I could go back for the weekend.
I'll try and update again before the end of the week and update you will stuff i have forgotten this time.
lots of love