Saturday, December 4, 2010

Really need to update more often! This is going to be a loooonng post!!

Hello again blog followers!
I apologise for being ao rubbish at updating my blog, hopefully i will remember everything I have done since we last spoke.
I'll make a list!
1)Adventures with chloe in half term.
3)Out and about! Cafes, bars and what not!

6)Chloe leaving! :(

We had half term a few weeks ago which was cool as we now had time to go and see bits of the city!
It was Halloween on the weekend before the holiday and Pheobe and Katie had a Halloween party. I went as an angel and Chloe went as a pirate. Other people dressed up as monsters and such like thought Flick dressed up as Vitali our translation teacher and Naomi D came as Patrick who is in my class. Very funny!! We then went out to a few bars and chatted to some Russians we met on the way. Me and chloe chatted to one in Belgrade for ages. We think his name was Timon?? No idea! we had to do an all nighter as we had no safe way to get home so we then took a strole down nevskii still in our fancy dress and got the metro to Sennaya and were the first people in Mc Donalds for breakfast. Argh! Felt pretty groggy on the walk home!
The rest of the week we visited the Kunstkamera museum where we saw peter the greats collection of dead babies. Very weird and gross. The next day we went to the hermitage with Halvor which was fun and very very interesting. It is huge!!! And there are loads of really cool peices to look at. Like the Peacock clock which is in Eisenstein's film October about the october revolution. The next day we went to the Leningrad Zoo with Flick which was an odd experience as the zoo was very basic. The polar bears would just pace back and forth over and over again. They looked very bored! On the friday we went to the Peter and Paul fortress which was cool. There we went in the cathedral where the last tsar Nicholas and his family were laid to rest after their remains were found a few years ago. we also went in the political prison and saw where many revolutionaries and then tsarists were imprisoned.
Also St Petersburg has transformed into a freezing winter wonderland! I have never seen so much snow!! And the icicles on the buildings are huge!! And it is soo cold! The cold weather seems to have come on all of a sudden in the last couple of weeks! Crazy! But the cold has given me a cough which is annoying! You have to put a lot of layers on to go outside. Brrr chilly!! it's snowing loads at the moment and they have just managed to scrape off most of the pavements. They also have to push the snow off the roofs incase it gets to heavy. In the big squares there are massive piles of snow where they have cleared it and because it is so cold it doesn't melt. So they are only going to get bigger! The canals have frozen as well which is mental! The park near out house now has an outdoor ice rink. I think all russians are born with hte ability to ice skate as they seem to be able to glide over any icy patch in the street no problem!
Also have been out and about to bars as usual. Chloe and I have a favourite cafe call ed Coffee Club which is decorated like a jazz club. We go there a lot! Half price Bailey's lattes mmmmm! also  Ben and Matt had a party last week which was fun. Though drank way to much cheap russian champagne
Chloe has now left though which has broken my heart! Booo! No more mental times with Chlodog! We had a goodbye sesh at Griboedov club for her which was fun! Reggae! Woo!! After we then went to a cafe on Sennaya with david and mike for aaages because it was the only place open at 4 in the morning. They must have thought we were mental. Seemed to drink a million cups of coffee and then felt very sick the next morning! Argh! Was very difficult to get out of the house to coffee club i'm telling you!
Errm what else i got some post of my parents and my nanny and grandad including two advent calendars which i love. They don't have chocolate but it is a cool way to count down the days until home! I had to go the the main post office to pick up the one from mum and dad. Its a really cool building! I hope i get more post soon.
School is fine, not much to complain about there. We have exams soon which is a bit of a bummer but i'm not too worried about them. I'm going to start doing some revision this weekend so I am ready.
Erm i think that is everything.
Will blog some more next weekend! Promise!!
see yaaah!