Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Меня зовут Волдиморт!!!!!

Argh! I can't stop giggling. We've been doing impressions of our landlady or babooshka, not in a horrible way though we all love Roza to bits! Today we had our first set lessons at the Benedict school. I think I am in the lowest set but I love it because I already know what we are being taught so I can answer questions confidently for once. I am really pleased! There was another guy who was post a-level in my class which I was pleased about and everyone seems to have different strengths so I am very happy in this class. Today we had translation for an hour and a half and then grammar. Both were not very difficult. I really hope they don't move me up a group. Then we went for lunch near Nevskii and went to see the Bronze Horseman which is a big statue of Peter the Great next to the river. There were at least three wedding parties their all having their photos taken next to it drinking champagne. Ooh also last night me and mike went to meet some friends at a bar next to Datcha called Fidel named after Castro which was similar to Datcha. Just at grimey but a bit more up beat. We had a few beers and some strange, drunk, russian girls were trying to chat up mike for ages in broken english/russian. Very funny. Aparently 'Russia is like Amsterdam at night'. Ha ha ha!
Errrmm also yesterday we showed Rosa a lot of funny you tube clips. One of them was of a russian singer called Edward Hill. You have to look him up! It is such a weird song but she says its normal to have songs with singing but without words. I can't stop singing it!

Well i think thats all! Found out there's a raggae night at the bunker club over the road this month! AWESOME!

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