Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm on a boat!!

Just updating you on what I have been up to since I last spoke. Obviously have been in to the Benedict School to have Russian lessons. All have been pretty ok apart from phonetics which I don't get at all. it seems as if they are over complicating something I thought I could already do pretty well. GRRR! I am not looking forward to that next lesson! We also found some places closer to school to go for coffee/lunch without treking all the way to Nevskii and we found a good music and DVD shop on Senaya Ploshad which is the square down the road from school. Also have been out in the evening a couple more times. We went to meet some state universtiy people at a bar north of Nevskii. We got lost though and ended up down some dodgy dark streets. I'm not sure if we got the wrong instructions or just heard them wrong but we found them eventually. The bar we went to was alright and pretty cheap but nothing really very exciting. You could however buy draught beer in a bottle and take it out onto the street or home to drink it which i'd never seen before. The Night after that we met everyone in a bar which is next to Datcha which i can't remeber the name of. Again very gloomy and scruffy but it had a dance floor and played some decent music. Quite a lot of the music that they played was by British artists. I'm not sure if that was because there was a big gang of us brits there or thats just the music the DJ liked. Anyways, ended getting home at 2pm which made it very difficult to get up for school the next day however, i still made it in.
Yesterday we had a bit of a cultural day and went to the Peterhof palace and gardens. To get there we went on the Hydrofoil boat which you can get near the Hermitage. It was however, really expensive which was annoying but still I'm glad i've been on a boat on the Neva now. The Peterhof was really pretty and had lots and lots of fountains. I took a fair few pictures which you will be able to see on Facebook soon. Again there were lots and lots of weddings having their pictures taken. They must go the day after their wedding because it must take them AGES to get round it. Some of the brides looked stunning though we must be in the background of several of their wedding photos because they are everywhere!! To get home we took the bus to Avtovo metro and then got the metro back to the flat. We chilled out in the evening as we were all sooooo tired! Chloe and Mike kept falling asleep on the bus so i'd tried to stay away so we didn't miss out stop!
So i tried two new methods of transport yesterday which i'm pretty pleased with. Today I have been doing my homework and not much else exciting. Though Roza made us bilinis with jam for breakfast which was very very yummy!!! Mmm mmm mmm.

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