Monday, September 6, 2010

Starting at the Benedict School...amongst other things.

Soooo since I last posted we went for a wonder round the city on Saturday (4th) and our landlady showed us how to get to school. We wondered around Nevskii Prospect which is the main street in St PB after meeting some other Russian students at St Issacs cathedral. We went to have more bilinis for our lunch, they are good for something warm, cheap and quick to eat. Then we found a bar that a postgrad recommended called Dacha or Дача which is a really dark and dingy bar but absolutly awesome and very studenty! Pints were 100 roubles which is just over £2. Not bad I'd say! Also that night Roza took us to get mobiles at a shop near the metro, which is down the road from where we live, on Ligovskii Prospect. On Sunday Mike and I bought PLACEBO TICKETS!! Argh!! I'm soo excited!! Cost us about £30-35 which is pretty decent seeing as it's an arena show. Also 65daysofstatic are playing in St PB sometime soon  which we are up for going to too. We met up with people in Datcha and then went for Sushi on Nevskii which was very nice but took aaaageeess!! Remeber never get food right no the Nevskii, they are very busy. We have also made friends with a lot of other students from other uni's. Most of them seem to be from Sheffield and are all pretty cool. Also yesterday we had to get matt passport photos for our visa extensions which was a bit of a hassle. But at least it got done.
Today I had to ring up Natwest as they decided to block my card even though I told them I was going to Russia. GRRRR!! Still it's unblocked now so I did managed to pay some of my school fees. Roza took us on the metro which is easy to work out but very very busy. We got to the Benedict School on time and had a talk from the RLUS reps who are looking after us while we're here. They are English students too but they've lived here for years. We had a test which was pretty awefull. I will not be surprised if I am put in the bottom group, still at least it won't be difficult. We then went to help some friends get some phones and went for a cheap but tasty lunch at a fast food place off Nevskii. I had a salad as i'm trying to be healthy! Then we went to Datcha again for a drink before walking home. Though a different route so we could have an explore. So much happens every day, I'm afraid I'm missing out some really good bits! We've got two really cool places that we want to check out. One is an ice bar called Lyod where you are given mittens and cloaks to cope with the -5 degrees temp. Also we found out there is a cafe/live venue/club called Griboedov just over the road from where we live in an old bunker owened by a Russian band. It sounds AWESOME! And on Wednesdays they have a retro soviet disco night which sounds like fun. I'll try and get up some photos i've taken, I keep forgetting my camera so I'll try and get some more of the places I am talking about tomorrow.

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