Monday, September 20, 2010

Condiments themed party...???

Hey DUDES!!!
Sorry it's been over a week since I last posted but no worries I will update you know! Urrrm basically last week we spent the majority of our time going to school and doing work. Very interesting i'm sure! Untill thursday when our friends from school, Phoebe and Katie had a flat warming party at their new flat near Dostoevskaya/Vladimirskaya Metro. Loads of people from school were there and absolutely loads and loads of Vodka! They told us before we came that it would be stronger than the stuff back home, and it is for sure! And its un believably cheap depending on what brand you're drinking. The Russian way to drink is to shot it and then have something to eat after to take the edge off. An option which many of us took!! I drank a few cocktails in a can which included a vodka+energy drink type mix called JAGUAR! Man, I don't know if it was that but something made me grind my teeth all night! Never again! I felt like I was on a come down all of friday. Friday was a funny day as most people were dead from the night before and didn't come into school. Everyone who did come in was absolutely hanging! However the teachers saw the funny side of it, I'm sure they were laughing at us stupid english kids who think they can come to russia and drink as much vodka as they like. Drinking shit loads of vodka here will definitely give you a far worse hangover than at home. A girl in my class had to run out to be sick. Bad times! Friday night another Benedict scholar had a flat warming party at his flat which is ten mins wlak from school. However, this one was not as hectic as the last as most people were to hungover to make it. Me and Mike went with a couple of beers, i found  a Baltika one that was 8% called Baltika number 9 which is the highest percentage Baltika i've found yet. Mike, Naomi and I are trying to get through all the different varieties of drinks by the end of the year. Here is the link to our photos and comments.!/album.php?aid=499303&id=849095787
We spent most of the rest of the weekend chilling out and getting work done. I made a curry yesterday which was nice with some curry paste the last english students bought from back home.
I also made tuna mayo pittas which my family will know is one of my favourite things to eat so i was very happy! :)
Also we really want to have a condiments themed night out, i've already blagged Tabasco. So maybe we'll do that back in Manchester.
I bought a dictionary from Dom Knigi (House of Books) today as well and went  for a tea in Datcha.
Errmm think thats all the interesting stuff I have to say....
Till next time!

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  1. woo! me and joe want to come to the condiments themed party. Joe wants to be tomato ketchup, i want to be....something cool!!
    sorry didn't get to speak to you today, not much is happening here, joe cooked me a yummy yummy roast :) want to tell you something secret and charlie related!!!!
    keep drinking the vodka and having fun xx xx xx